Building a Bio/Tech Franchise at Menlo: We are Hiring a Principal with Therapeutics Expertise

  • PhD in biological sciences or MD preferred
  • 3+ yrs investing experience in VC. Work experience in biotech/pharma preferred.
  • Experience leading scientific, medical, and business diligence for therapeutics investments, including quantitative analysis and expert interviews
  • Experience sourcing investments. Personal network of drug development experts, entrepreneurs, and other investors.
  • Track record of investments, supported by entrepreneur references on individual contributions
  • Primary focus on therapeutic platforms (seed to Series B). Some work in digital health (seed to Series B). May occasionally source or support healthcare-related, non-healthcare, or later stage investments.
  • Immediately: sourcing and diligence for therapeutics. Board observer roles. #2 role to lead healthcare partner.
  • Actively participate in early stage investment committee presentations and discussions, including technology and non-healthcare investments
  • In 12–24 months: lead or co-lead an investment and take the board seat. Continue to lead technical diligences. Help build out Menlo healthcare network.
  • Within 4 years: lead or co-lead 1 investment per year. Continue to oversee and lead diligences. Mentor and support portfolio companies. Help build out Menlo healthcare team and network including investors and advisors.
  • Can work independently, initially as half of a small but mighty healthcare team within a leading technology investing firm
  • Experienced and observant enough to have absorbed how other successful VC firms operate, but entrepreneurial enough to want to do some things differently
  • Highly active and resourceful outbound networker with many strong relationships
  • Consistent with Menlo’s overall culture, focused on finding great entrepreneurs vs. building companies ourselves



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