Our investment in Matik: Empowering the Enterprise with Data-Driven Documents

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2 min readOct 18, 2021

Naomi Ionita & Grace Ge, Partner and Principal at Menlo Ventures @gracewenge @npilosof

We’ve always been drawn to the world of possibility unlocked by automation — improving clunky and time-consuming workflows, enhancing productivity, freeing time to focus on higher-order problems. One area long plagued by cumbersome, manual processes is sales enablement and customer success. These teams labor over data-heavy presentations for business reviews, pricing proposals, renewal decks, and more. The process often requires merging data from disparate sources, number-crunching, formatting and personalization — painstaking and repetitive tasks that eat away at time and resources.

Matik is a platform that automates the creation of personalized, data-driven documents. Matik drives ROI by reducing the time it takes to generate presentations from hours to minutes. Its platform connects the appropriate data sources to pre-defined templates, transforming content from static to dynamic. With Matik, less time preparing presentations means more time actually closing, upselling, and renewing.

We led Matik’s Seed round in 2019 and are thrilled to welcome Andreessen Horowitz as the lead investor in the Series A as Matik builds out its GTM team and accelerates product in new areas of opportunity including self-serve. Matik also plans to use its Series A funding to further product expansion into other file formats such as Word, Google Docs, and email, and to better integrate with tools such as Tableau and Looker via API and embeddable views.

Customer love for Matik is off the charts — notable names include Envoy, Handshake, Glassdoor, Salesloft, KeepTruckin and more. Managers have referred to Matik as, “the backbone of our CS motion” and say that the massive amount of time it saves, “allows reps to focus on actually selling to customers and crafting the story.”

Matik has all the qualities we look for in an investment — leading with experienced founders at the helm. The company’s CEO Nikola (Nik) Mijic and CTO Zak Stein exceed beyond typical founder authenticity. Nik helped build similar internal tools and narratives at LinkedIn that supported sales and customer success. He witnessed firsthand how automating data-driven narratives can lead to increasing customer retention, sales productivity, efficiency and close rates. After seeing its ripple effect across the company, Nik knew there was an opportunity to commercialize something similar. Zak deeply understands content management as an early engineer at Box, and his technical leadership continued through their IPO.

It’s a privilege to work with founders who bring such deep domain expertise to their product, and who can wield that knowledge to wow customers and drive ROI for them. Nik and Zak’s strong product sense and customer-focused mindset make them a competitive, winning team. We were believers in their ability from our first meeting over two years ago, and we’re thrilled to continue our partnership, helping them scale through this next chapter of growth.

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